Beyoncé is living in the land of “Lemonade” and inviting all to take a deeper look inside her monumental album.

In an exclusive $300 box-set of the poetically-raged and emotionally fueled body of work, Queen Bey is offering a 600-page coffee-table book filled with hundreds of never before seen images and thematic insight into the project, the entire Lemonade album on vinyl, in addition to downloadable audio and visual albums.

Hip-hop enthusiast and educator, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson penned the foreword and Warsan Shire’s poetry are among the bundled features. Get more scoop on what’s inside, here.

And while people were ready for all the lemonade Bey had to offer, when that $300 price tag dropped, the responses were anything but thirsty. Peep a few below:

Hmm… well, Bey did celebrate the one-year anniversary of the multi-award winning album, by creating a scholarship for Black women. So maybe some of the proceeds from the box set will support a charity or foundation or even her mother and step-dad’s recently launched WACO Theater Center!

And then there are those in the #Beyhive who will find a way…

One thing is for sure, that #BeyHive is hardcore when it comes to Yoncé.

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