Now we all know nothing is truer to a Black girl’s hair chronicles than the timeless adage: “If you bought, it’s yours.” But of course, this doesn’t appease everybody, especially those who’ve been pining to know whether Beyoncé’s locks are her own—like actually growing out of her scalp.

Being the bomb mama bear that we’ve all grown to love, Tina Lawson silenced all that noise on Sunday. Although admitting she foresaw potential vexation from her daughter, Mama Tina nonetheless posted a picture of a woman presumed to be Beyoncé sporting some healthy looking locks.

It wouldn’t be right if the first word in the pic’s caption didn’t read “inches” in all caps with a series of exclamations. Ms. Tina wrote that she was “happy [her] baby’s hair grew back” followed by “she is going to get me.”

Bey then followed up on her mama’s posts with some other seemingly natural snapshots of her own.

Need more convincing? No, you don’t—stop playing.