Yep, you read the right! Beyonce will be performing a “surprise” set for the opening of the 50th Annual Country Music Awards in Nashville. 50th anniversaries are huge for awards shows, this will be a special night for the organization’s team and supporters.

No confirmation has been made yet about which songs she is going to perform. But like most of the internet, we are going to assume it will be “Daddy Lessons”. A tune that might be your favorite or one of few country songs that you actually enjoy. In a dream world, we would love to see her perform “Formation”, “Pray You Catch” and “Sorry”.

Of course, any mention of Queen Bey gets the #Beyhive and the haters buzzing. Twitter is going wild right now with reactions about this CMS news. Here are a few of our favorite tweets.

Remember how Beyonce shut down the America’s favorite game aka the Super Bowl? We expecting nothing less than excellence for this. We’ll be in attendance with our boots and hats on tight alongside the #BeyHive for Beyonce’s performance. YEE HAW!