Beyoncé is for the good of all mankind.

The mega superstar decided to hop on Colombian star J Balvin’s track for a fiery remix to his smash hit “Mi Gente.” But that’s not the best part. Queen Bey is donating her proceeds from the track to hurricane and earthquake victims through relief charities such as CEMA, UNICEF and Somos Una Voz for Puerto Rico, Mexico and other Caribbean islands that were affected. Beyoncé’s philanthropic endeavors are prime examples of “when you are blessed, be a blessing to others,” and we are proud to be apart of the #beyhive.

Ever-talented, she flaunts her bilingual chops and offers listeners the best of both worlds. “He say my body stay wetter than the ocean / And he say the creole in my body is like a potion,” she sings. “I can be a beast or I can give you emotion / But please don’t question my devotion / I been giving birth on these haters ’cause I’m fertile.”

Listen to the track below and visit Bey’s website for more information on how to support disaster relief efforts.