Beyoncé to Star Alongside Will Smith in Hancock 2?

Is Beyoncé about to get her superhero on as the leading lady in the action-packed superhero sequel Hancock 2? Well, according to IMDb, Baddie Bey will co-star alongside Will Smith as Carly Kicker in the upcoming film. If there’s some truth to this tea, then this will mark Yoncé’s first time back on the big screen since she kicked some home-wrecking ass in 2009’s Obsessed. (Although she did lend her voice to last year’s animated flick, Epic—but y’all get the point.) All we can do now is wait and see.

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Stevie J Ordered to Undergo Drug Treatment After Testing Positive for Cocaine

As the self-proclaimed bus driver that he is, it seems as though Stevie J will be wheeling it straight to rehab. The non-child-support-paying musical “hitman” turned reality star has been ordered to undergo pretrial drug treatment after showing traces of marijuana and cocaine in his system during a random drug test while he was in jail. To recap, he was hauled off to the clink earlier this month for allegedly being $1 million behind on his papi payments, but was released on a $25K bond on Monday. (Yeah, that’s right: he had $25K to get out of jail, but can’t pay his babymamas for taking care of his kids. But then that’s none of our business.) Let’s just hope Steebie cleans ups his act.

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Pharrell’s “Happy” Exceeds 10 Million Sales Worldwide?

It has yet to be confirmed by SoundScan, but the word is that Pharrell Williams’s “Happy” has officially exceeded 10 million sales worldwide. The joyful jam hit the top of Billboard Hot 100 back in March, blew up from here to Japan, and played so much on the radio I don’t think I’ll ever be able to say that word without hearing Pharrell’s voice again. True or not, this mega-monster is one of the biggest tracks we’ve witnessed sweep the globe in the past 10 years, so congrats are definitely in order. Way to go P!

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