David Lee Brewer, Jr claims to be Beyonce’s childhood vocal coach, saying he spent countless hours with the young star and her parents, Mathew Knowles and Tina Knowles-Lawson.

In his new tell-all, Beyoncé: Raising Genius: A Teacher and his Prodigy, Brewer makes some pretty serious accusations against the Knowles family, including that father Mathew used hard drugs, according to excerpts obtained by The Jasmine Brand.

“In a tear scene, Celestine [Tina] said that Mathew’s drug use had gotten out of hand. I knew all about it. I’d found a very small package of what appeared to be Mathew’s wonder drug.”

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Brewer later writes, “Turns out, he had escalated to stronger drugs and even stranger behaviors. Rumor had it that cocaine had long since stopped satisfying his thirst, and had turned to crack cocaine.

The author claims the patriarch’s addiction and weakness for pretty women drove Tina away, who began dating current husband, Richard Lawson, before their divorce was finalized.

“I soon discovered that, although unhappily married, Celestine was not suffering all by herself. Going over to the main house to retrieve my keyboard one afternoon, I happened upon Celestine kissing a man. I recognized him immediately: Richard Lawson, a famous actor. The startled Celestine had no choice but to introduce me. Talk about awkward. She was supposed to be at her salon. I extended my hand to Richard, telling him how much I admired his work. He nodded. “It’s a pleasure,” he said.


He continued, “What she was doing was against everything that she swore she believed in. Celestine Beyincé Knowles was a puritan, a self-proclaimed martyr for Jesus. She never admitted to, or had been caught in the act of doing, anything suspect, not until now anyway. It wasn’t biblical, what she was doing. Adultery was a sin, no matter how she spun the story.”

“No doubt in my mind. Celestine was cheating on her cheating husband with her “Cousin” Richard. Damn.”

Do you believe any of Brewer’s allegations?