We’re all well aware that comedian and actress Tiffany Haddish is funny as sugar, honey, iced tea. And part of her comedic recipe is the straight whackness life seems to throw her way.

So when she shared the story behind her December selfie with Beyoncé, you know there had to be some hot mess behind it.


While speaking with Vulture, the Girls Trip actress shared the photo was actually a tool of pacification and prevented her from getting buck with somebody:

“Okay, so what had happened was, something had went down with somebody at the party, right? I’m not at liberty to say what had went down at the party, but Beyoncé was just telling me to have a good time, and I was like, ‘No, I’m gonna end up fighting this bitch!’ She was like, ‘No, have fun, Tiffany,’ and I said, ‘I’m only going to have fun if you take a selfie with me.’”

The mogul apparently acquiesced.

“She said, ‘Okay,’ and then she buried her face in my wig,” Haddish continued. “We took the picture and I was like, ‘Is my wig slipping?’ And she was like, ‘Mmm-hmm.'”

But drama aside, The Last Black Unicorn author couldn’t get over the fact Beyoncé actually knew who she was.

“She came up to me and was like, ‘I think you are so funny, Tiffany Haddish,'” she said. “I was like, ‘What? You know me?!’ She said, ‘I’m Beyoncé.’ ‘I KNOW!'”