At a House Democrat retreat on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Vice President Joe Biden recently assured attendees of his confidence in his party. “I really do think we’re going to win back the House,” he said. The rough political tide of President Barack Obama’s term has had a lot to do with bipartisan objectives from the House of Representatives being full of dissenting Republicans.  By tailoring their message, handpicking candidates, and creating a campaign called “Drive to 25” named after the 25 seats they need in order to regain control, Democrats hope to fire things up in time for the next midterm.

Earlier this week, CNN obtained access to a briefing with the 18 candidates at the Democratic National Committees’ headquarters. Lead by campaign chief Steve Israel, he bluntly told them that, “We’re not interested in electing you to the minority—been there, done that. It sucks,” adding, “It’s going to be razor-close. The people in this room are going to determine whether we’re on the north side of 25 or the south side of 25.” Astronaut Jose Hernandez, Val Demmings (the first female police chief in Orlando, Florida), and Wisconsin businessman Jamie Wall are just three of the Democrats hoping to be apart of the ‘freshman’ class.

Does it look like the Democrats are using the right tacticx to win over the House? Is there anything President Obama can do to encourage voters to support potential representatives?