Big Sean is teaming up with Troy’s Emagine Entertainment to bring a luxurious multiplex to his hometown, according to the Detroit Free Press. The “One Man Can Change the World” rapper is known for his charitable efforts hopes the theater will bring inspiration to the children of the inner city.

“We want to do something revolutionary with it,” Sean explained. “We don’t want to just make it a movie theater, traditionally. We also want it to be a hub for entertainment for the whole community. We want people to have an incentive to go the extra miles, to travel to Detroit.”

The cineplex will be called the Sean Anderson (the rapper’s birth name) Theatre and will open in 2020. Currently, there are still various locations being scouted to house the 10-12 screen theater with seating room for up to 1,300. Big Sean hopes the theaters will also be converted into performance spaces that can host concerts, entertainment events, and seminars.

“Right now, as the city is in a complete renaissance, turning around and booming,” Big Sean said. “I think this is a perfect time to bring a theater to the city of Detroit.”