Starz’s hit comedy Survivor’s Remorse comes rolling in for season four on Sunday, August 20th, and this year, Cam Calloway (Jessie T. Usher) will learn that his life is much bigger than a game.

During the 10-episode fourth season, Cam will realize that he can’t run away from his past and instead, he decides to run toward it. Returning home to his native Boston, Cam visits his incarcerated father (Isaiah Washington) in prison. He also learns that the fame and money that his NBA baller status has afforded him does not come without its own special set of consequences.

Cam isn’t the only one trying to move forward. His sister, M-Chuck (Erica Ash) is dealing with the fallout of a paternity revelation and her already rocky relationship with her mother, Cassie (Tichina Arnold). Reggie Vaughn (RonReaco Lee), Cam’s cousin and manager and Reggie’s wife, Missy Vaughn (Teyonah Parris) are also along for the ride.

Recently, sat down to chat with Usher and Ash about the forthcoming season. Usher said, “We are a lot stronger then I thought we were. It seemed like in the first few seasons there were a couple of weak spots that were being discovered. When you get to the fourth season, you really get to see how the characters attack those things. I can’t really see what they are, but when you see how they approach certain subjects, it’s a beautiful thing.” Ash continued, “I realize how strong the characters are in supporting each other. As much as we are all going on our different journeys these last couple of seasons, I think that the support system and the family have really grown. I think we find that off camera as well.”

Watch the full trailer for the hit series below.