Come through, #BigGuyTwitter!

The hashtag that originated last year seems to still be going strong, and we are here for all of the confidence, self-love and fineness that’s being shared under it!

During an interview with HuffPost last year, self-proclaimed “big guy” Mike Byrd said he started the hashtag in response to comments on a news story about a teenager’s prom photo that went viral. The responses were quite negative and demeaning, and focused on the teen’s appearance.

“That really set on my spirit, the culture of social media body shaming breaking a person’s spirits to a point where they can’t love themselves,” Byrd said at the time.

In response to the cyberbullying, Byrd decided to repost a photo taken on Mother’s Day of 2016, but this time he tagged it with the hashtag #BigGuyTwitter. He told the news outlet that it was his “way of saying embrace who you are and love who you are. Big guy Twitter is pretty much about self love, self acceptance.”

And one year and some change later, #BigGuyTwitter is still home for some of the Internet’s most attractive and seemingly confident “big guys” out there. Here are a few on this fine Thursday.

Needless to say, fans of #BigGuyTwitter have no complaints.

Shoutout to Byrd for starting a much-needed trend. Oh, and guys, keep the tweets coming.