Following the violent arrest on April 22 of a Black woman at a Waffle House in Alabama, more than 150 bikers gathered Sunday at the eatery to support the restaurant and police, FOX 10 reports.

The rally was seen as a response to protests held last month in Saraland, Alabama, after Chikesia Clemons was seen on video being wrestled to the ground and her upper body exposed by cops during the arrest.

Law enforcement officials defended the arrest, saying Clemons and her friend threatened restaurant employees and refused to leave, a claim she denies.

The demonstration Sunday was organized by Kenda Todd, who said she wanted to show the Saraland Police Department that the community supports them.

“With all the controversy due to the recent arrest of the young lady, it was just necessary to show these people that we support them,” said Todd. “You can’t just walk into an establishment and be belligerent and threatening and hostile and not suffer the outcome of getting arrested. We just felt that it was necessary to show these guys that we back them.”

Todd, who organized the event via social media, says that the officers were doing their jobs and that Clemons should have expected to be manhandled because she didn’t “comply with the law.”

“We bring peace. We’re all about peace, so we’re not here to raise a ruckus or anything. We’re just here to fellowship orderly and have breakfast and show these guys that we love them.”