Appearing on "Good Morning America" and other morning programs on Monday, former President Bill Clinton hinted that his wife Hillary could possibly run for president in 2016. The Secretary of State has denied running or even being interested in the Commander in Chief job for the next non-incumbent election. But, Bill has a different idea. “I believe that she’s being absolutely honest with you when she says she doesn’t think she’ll go back into politics. But if she comes home and we do this foundation stuff for the rest of our lives, I’ll be happy; if she changes her mind and decides to run, I’ll be happy.” 

If she did run and win, Bill would be the first First Husband in American history. He was very vocal in her 2008 campaign, it’s not surprising that he’s chosen to share his support for his wife with the world. But, the question still remains: What does Hillary want? Our guess? Only 2016 will tell.