Has it been tougher on us or Bill Cosby to watch his fall from grace? Since he’s clearly still in denial, I’m going to say us, the public, who welcomed the comedian into our lives decades ago, but have come to terms with the fact that he’s not the “dad next door” he portrayed on The Cosby Show.

For the past two years, Cosby’s reputation has been tainted with more than two dozen sexual assault allegations spanning decades, with each woman having similar stories of being drugged and waking up not remembering what happened to them.

Cosby’s trial date related to sexual assault allegations stemming from an alleged 2004 incident with Andrea Constand is set for June. He recently did a 30-minute radio interview with Michael Smerconish, saying he believes there is a conspiracy behind the allegations against him.

“Nefarious is a great word,” said Cosby.

The former comedian implied there may be racially motivated actions behind him being accused of sexual assault.

“I just truly believe that, uhm, some of it may very well be that,” he said.

With Cosby’s trial getting closer, we’ll see how much of this is “racially motivated.”