The creator of one of the world’s biggest technology companies, Bill Gates, has always understood the importance of philanthropy. His most recent appearance on Sky News showcased that he still wanted to do more to give back to the world masses. After the digital entrepreneur started the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with his wife in 1994, he has stuck to his pledge to give away 95% of his wealth (est. at $59 billion) to charity.

Choosing to keep the neediest people “foremost in our minds” rather than focus on fears over world economies, Gates urges others “Don’t neglect the poor in hard times.” The Seattle-born billionaire, commenting on President Obama’s recent State of the Union address said that it was inevitable that taxes would need to rise for the super-wealthy. Like fellow magnates Warren Buffett and Carlos Slim before him, Bill Gates admits that he pays too little taxes, and believes that “the rich should pay more”.

As more wealthy people echo these sentiments, what is to be said for GOP supporters who don’t make nearly as much money, but are convinced that the tax rates are as they should be? Will Gates help to get more of the “99%” who pay some thirty percent of their income in taxes to mobilize against the fact that wealthy people pay so much less?