Woman Who Accused Bill O’Reilly of Sexual Harassment Opens up on “The View”

Perquita Burgess, one of the women who charged that former Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly sexually harassed them, told the hosts of the ABC morning show “The View” that he was consistently making overtures toward her over the course of time and it came to a hilt when he used the term “hot chocolate” toward her. “One day he walked past my desk and I’m sitting there minding my business and he says “hey, hot chocolate,” Burgess, who had been working at Fox as a temp, said on Thursday. “But he doesn’t look at me when he says it, and I didn’t respond, I was mortified.  Because not only was it sexual, I took that as a very ‘plantational’ remark.”  She said she felt “triumphant” when she heard that O’Reilly had been fired. “It was cathartic.” The New York Times reported earlier this month that Fox and O’Reilly had reached a $13 million settlement with five women over sexual harassment allegations. Those women are not permitted to speak publically about the cases.

Uganda No Longer Searching for Suspected War Criminal Joseph Kony

Troops in Uganda have called an end to their hunt for Lord’s Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony, in the Central African Republic, according to the BBC. The army said that the LRA had grown weak and was no longer a threat to Uganda. But Kony is wanted for war crimes and the LRA had gained a reputation for terrorizing people, including mutilating innocents and kidnapping children to use in the war as soldiers and as sex slaves. Ugandan forces had searchd for Kony in the Democratic Republic of Congo before moving on to the CAR. The U.S., which had backed Uganda, withdrew its troops last month.

Man Convicted in NFL Star Will Smith’s Death is Sentenced

Cardell Hayes, who was found guilty of the death of New Orleans Saints star Will Smith, was sentenced to 25 years to life on Thursday for manslaughter, a punishment far less than prosecutors had pursued. Hayes, who shot smith several times, said that he did it in self defense, but evidence presented at trial showed that Smith’s weapon sat unused in his car in the 2016 traffic dispute. Hayes, 29, had faced up to 60 years in prison, but Judge Camille Buras gave him 15 years for shooting Racquel Smith in the legs, to be served concurrently.


UC Berkeley Concerned Over Violence if Ann Coulter Speaks There

Officials at the University of California Berkeley are fearful of violence if controversial conservative commentator Ann Coulter speaks on their campus anyway despite the school canceling the planned April 27 appearance because of security concerns. Several protests at the Berkeley campus had become violent recently, including a skirmish between pro-Trump and anti-Trump factions broke down into fist fights and bloody noses. Coulter said that she would appear on the campus despite the school’s decision, saying “what are the going to do, arrest me?” on Fox News Wednesday night. The school has proposed a May 2 date for her to speak. Chancellor Nicholas B. Dirks said Thursday that police have “very specific intelligence regarding threats.”