I try not to make fun of the mentally ill, but when they manage to sneak out of their treatment center, find a film crew, and submit their music video to BET, how can I not?

Wait, I owe the mental health community an apology. He’s not sick, just a bored step-daddy with money and nerve to burn. Who let this fool out of solitary confinement at the Self-Hate Center For Confused Blacks to shoot this video? My friend sent this to me, and while I love her dearly, I’ll probably never forgive her for bringing it to my attention. This song is several variations of terrible, yet I woke up singing this days after I first watched it.

I don’t know if this video already made its way around the blogs, but I still want to state the following:

1. I hate this Negro.

2. I hate this Negro’s song.

3. I hate this Negro’s sweater.

4. I hate this Negro for giving me a preview of what Omarion is gonna look like after he hits 45 and the buffet versus the gym.

5. I hate that I know damn well none of the girls in this video are biracial.

6. I hate that I don’t think the women in this video were cast so much as street harassed until they give him a hug to make him go away (after calling the police, of course).

7. I hate that he even made a song for biracial girls. Halle Berry deserves better (according to me, not Gabriel Aubry).

8. I hate that this song makes Brian McKnight’s anal-probing themed lullaby sound genius by comparison.

9. I hate that this song will be stuck in my head for at least seven minutes after I hit “publish” on this post.

10. I hate that some of y’all are going to send me hate mail and tweets after you see this for yourselves.

I’m done.

This originally appeared via The Cynical Ones