In the entire history of ABC’s The Bachelorette, there has never been a woman of color in the choosing seat. Until now.

Rachel Lindsay made history this year by becoming the first African-American “Bachelorette,” and while this is worth noting, she wants viewers to know she’s just like the other women who have appeared in the series.

“I’m happy to represent myself as a Black woman in front of America and I’m happy for America to rally behind me and see what it’s like for me to be on this journey to find love,” Lindsay, 31, told People. “Honestly, it’s not going to be that different from any other season of The Bachelorette.”

The Dallas-based attorney is no stranger to the series. She had been competing for Nick Viall’s heart on season 21 of The Bachelor, but apparently she wasn’t his first choice.

Despite the historic selection, Lindsay told the mag that it’s about finding “the one.”

“I’m obviously nervous and excited to take on this opportunity but I don’t feel added pressure being the first black ‘Bachelorette’ because to me I’m just a black woman trying to find love,” she said. “Yes, I’m doing it on this huge stage, but again my journey of love isn’t any different just because my skin color is.”

Lindsay may not find it to be a big deal, but it has taken way too long for series producers to put a woman of color in the choosing seat.

Much success to her as she seeks to find the real deal.