EBONY recently launched a new multimedia series called “In Our Cities.” This series will combat the negative images the mainstream media highlights in African American communities across the country by showcasing a fuller picture of people, places and projects aimed at improvement.

Brown Sugar Bakery’s rich cakes are the epitome of southern style desserts. Some of Stephanie Hart’s most popular cakes include flavors like caramel, red velvet and pineapple coconut. She says she loves coming up with new things, one being her “Obama Cake,” which is a red velvet, chocolate and yellow cake filled with frosted cream cheese and topped with chocolate and pecans.

Hart recalls how her grandmother would bake for the family out of love, but when she passed away, no one had thought to save the recipes. Hart says she realized that bakeries weren’t catering to the southern roots of African Americans so set out to create her own. There was an overwhelming response to her creation, which soon led to her opening the bakery, located in the Chatham community. The business just celebrated 10 years and she has opened a second location at Navy Pier. She says she’s excited to continue spreading her love not only on the South Side, but to people who enter the tourist attraction from around the world.

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