The holiday season is coming up ….we are exactly four days away from Christmas, in case you needed reminding … and whether you subscribe to the reason for the season, chances are you’ll be purchasing gifts for your loved ones. After all, it is the American way, right?

So why not simply #BuyBlack this season? If you’re interested in keeping that good ole dollar in the Black community, here are three businesses to buy from to provide that special gift.

1) Bon Bon Vie Apparel













Even the most fashion savvy individual likes a good T-shirt every once in a while. Bon Bon Vie (named after the song of the same name, remember “Livin’ The Good Life?) is just what the doctor ordered. These comfy shirts created by Chicago native Shari Neal Williams are sure to empower you and bring comfort. From the “Brown Skin Lady” slogan to the powerful image of a woman rocking an afro with a pick, these shirts are sure to have something for everyone. Visit to take a peek and for more information.

2) Innclusive












If you wish to give your loved one the gift of travel, why not ditch AirBnB and stay at Innclusive? It’s run by African-Americans and was created by African-Americans and is specifically for those who have experienced discrimination with its popular and well-known predecessor, AirBnB. This hospitality service doesn’t discriminate and our guess is that it never will. For more information and to book your next place to rest your head while enjoying a lovely getaway, visit

3) OrangeTheory Fitness

ot fitness










Getting active and in better shape is at the top of most people’s to-do lists, especially come Jan. 1. Instead of purchasing a gym membership for your lover at a big-box health club, try OrangeTheory Fitness. Located in various states throughout the U.S., the Black-owned fitness space was founded in 2010 and prides itself on using a personalized, high-intensity approach to help clients achieve their goals. For more information visit,