Kim Kardashian-West may not have been the first celebrity to ever launch a mobile app, but she’s certainly been among the most successful. Her first app, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, a free gaming app, lets users create their own celebrities to participate in adventures that could ultimately lead them to red-carpet status.

Since launching in 2014, the game has been downloaded more than 40 million times and has generated over $100 million in in-app purchases, according to executives at Glu Mobile, the developer that partnered with her on the app. Not one to rest on her assets, Kardashian-West followed up the successful title in 2015 with her Kimoji app, featuring Kim-themed emojis and the more recently added KIMOGIF animations featuring her doing activities like twerking in a leotard. Kimoji immediately rose to #1 in the iOS store from day one and with the latest KIMOGIF update, the app continues to be one of the top paid apps in Apple’s app store. The reality star celebrity is the only celebrity with two apps in Apple’s top 50 grossing apps chart.

With that much success in the mobile app ecosystem it wouldn’t take long for other celebrities to aspire to Kim K goals. Here are the latest to jump into the emoji fray including Steph Curry, NeNe Leakes, Blac Chyna, Amber Rose, and Jesse Williams.

NeNe Leakes – NeNe Leakes: The App

RHOA star NeNe Leakes recently launched her own set of NE’mojis that include many of her NeNeisms such as BLOOP!, SO NASTY, SO RUDE and GIRL BYE! The app also features a dressing room where users can mix and match clothes, shoes, hairstyles and accessories to ready NeNe for her everyday looks or for the red carpet. Along with NE’mojis and the dressing room feature there are also stickers and an embedded social media interface that makes sharing in-app creations on Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and email and messaging apps even easier. Off to a slow start in the download game, according to figures obtained from AppAnnie, it looks like it’ll take a while for Leakes to get anywhere near Kim K status in the App store. If she does, she’ll be somewhere in Atlanta counting her coinz.

Download Price: $1.99

Steph Curry – StephMoji

Who wouldn’t want to express themselves as little Riley Curry dancing in their text messages? With the StephMoji app, launched earlier this month, you can now do that. You can even be her attending a press conference with her dad. Along with a bunch of emoji featuring his family, the StephMoji collection includes the NBA MVP in a host of actions such as chewing on his mouthguard, shooting three pointers, laughing, sleeping and sending kisses. StephMojis can be used in iMessage, Instagram, Facebook and other chat programs, and you can also send animations in iMessage or  Instagram. Just like other emoji apps, you’ll have to let StephMoji take over your phone’s keyboard for it to work. On launch, the app quickly rose to the top of Apple’s app store, even beating out Kim K. But just like leading a team to NBA Finals victory, who’s to say how long he’ll hold onto that title.

Download Price: $1.99

Blac Chyna – ChyMoji

Hailed as the most downloaded app for iPhones during its May release, ChyMoji is an emoji app from Blac Chyna, who will soon be a Kardashian by way of Rob. Released on the same day Blac Chyna announced her pregnancy on social media, ChyMoji features 700 icons including King Cairo (her son with Tyga), a baby, multiple Rob Kardashian icons and money. There’s also lots of food, like a sandwich, chicken nuggets, Skittles, a Ring Pop, a smiling taco, and a donut decorated with the LGBT Pride Rainbow. ChyMoji also features clothing, accessories, drinks and animated GIFs, like one that looks like she might be smacking Kylie Jenner. And of course there’s one of her working the pole. There’s even an emoji of Blac Chyna with her BFF Amber Rose. In the “sayings” category, you can choose Black Chyna’s head with a talking balloon featuring slang like lit, woke and Hunty, among others. ChyMoji has since fallen from #1 status, but it’s right in there in the top charts with soon-to-be sister-in-law Kim K. Now her famous “Gram saying, “That’ll teach ’em,” makes even more sense.

Download Price: $1.99

Amber Rose – MuvaMoji

Launched in late March, MuvaMoji featuring over 900 curated emoji from Amber Rose has been pitted directly against Kim Kardashian’s Kimoji app. It’s no wonder, they both feature lots of T&A and pole dancing and twerking. But MuvaMoji goes a little deeper than the former stripper’s lifestyle and typical Muva memes, like Amber making it rain, to also make social and political statements such as “Free Ke$ha” and lots of support for the LGBT community. She even uses it as a platform to express her brand of feminism including an emoji alluding to Bill Cosby’s guilt and an image that proclaims no sex without consent. Overall, Rose’s emojis have a sexy bent making them ripe to add to your sexting arsenal. She’s also got an emoji of her bestie Black Chyna with Rob Kardashian. Money wise, the app reportedly made $2 Million on its first day of release and it continues to be in the top downloads. And that’s just the kind of success that a bad bitch should have.

Download Price: $1.99

Jesse Williams – Ebroji

Launched earlier this year by Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams and his wife Aryn Drake-Lee Williams, Ebroji, a free app, is also a keyboard takeover app but it uses GIFs instead of text or emoji to turn up your mobile communications. The GIFs are categorized according to trends like, “Awkward,” “Michael Jordan Crying,” “Eye Roll,” “Dancing” and “Feeling Myself.” The app’s description promises to keep users laced with the rarest and also the most current GIFs to hype up their texts. Users can even upload their own GIFs and add a line of text to their messages. Williams himself boasted on Twitter that the #GIFGAMEDONECHANGED in promotion of the Ebroji app back in January. If nothing else, it takes the search work out of finding your own GIFs to share with friends to express your #CURRENTMOOD. While Williams is set to be honored with the BET Humanitarian Award this year for bringing awareness to the Black Lives Matter Movement, the awareness for the Ebroji keyboard hasn’t quite yet caught on. Even Dr. Jackson Avery knows it takes more than just being the pretty one too become a success.

Download Price: Free

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