Celebrities have a great amount of influence over a wide range of issues, including social justice and political events. Now, several famous music figures, including Diddy, Ludacris, Jamie Foxx, Swizz Beatz, The Dream, and Frank Ocean have decided to shed light on Trayvon Martin by releasing home photos of themselves wearing hoodies.

Across the country, protest hoodie matches have sprung up, with intentions of showing public support for Martin's family, denouncing the Sanford police department, and protesting against decades of racial profiling. Celebrities, media figures, and the general public have taken to Twitter and other online formats to voice their own opinions on the matter, continuing the debate on whether justice will be served in this horrific case.

Did President Obama's hypothetical "If I had a son" comment spur this sudden increase of Black celeb interest? Will their showings of support make any difference?