A group of young, Black congressional interns claim their Uber driver discriminated against them for being conservatives after realizing they were holding “Make America Great Again” hats as they entered his vehicle.

“To me, what happened took me back to the 60’s when black Americans were told they couldn’t sit in the front of the bus, they had to sit at the back of the bus, or eat at the same restaurant, or go to the same school or would be hosed in certain neighbors,” Matthew Handy told CBN News. “So now we are going to discrimination not based on race but on political standing. We are gonna see people not welcome in places because they are conservative or liberal. So, that is more disturbing to me than any other aspect of this.”

Handy, a participating member of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives internship program, says he initially thought the driver was joking, but was shocked when he confirmed, saying, “No, I’m not doing this ride. Get out of my car.”

“If I were a Democrat and I was wearing something supporting them and this happened, you’d see all the black leaders coming to my defense,” Handy told CBN. “But you don’t see that happening because I don’t classify myself as a Democrat or a liberal.”

The Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives internship program was founded two years ago to “defeat the narrative that the Left pushes out that black people shouldn’t be a part of the Republican party.”