A New Jersey state trooper has been dismissed from the force after posting a picture of Black activist and alleged cop killer Assata Shakur.

In an effort to help promote his cousin’s clothing line, Nyron Harris posted a pictures of a shirt from the collection to his Instagram page. Among the faces featured on the shirt was that of Shakur’s. He posted the piece of apparel above the caption: “Black Excellence T-shirts available.”

When colleagues discovered Harris’ post, he was terminated. Harris said he wasn’t aware the fugitive was on the t-shirt and it was an “honest mistake.” He also said the department has been looking for reasons to terminate him for quite some time.

But NJ.com points out, unsurprisingly, Harris’ White former co-workers have been able to keep their job despite being involved in significantly graver incidents such as drunk driving and domestic altercations.

Harris has filed a lawsuit against his former employers.