Time management can be a struggle when you’re dealing with children and a commute via public transportation. One New York City father made the best of his circumstances when he decided to cornrow his daughter’s hair while taking the No. 4 train on Wednesday morning.

Scott Bernard, a holistic trainer, uploaded a video of the unidentified father styling the young girl’s hair while his other child sat next to them.

“This really touched [my] HEART seeing [because] I know one day I WILL become a father and would do ANYTHING for my children yesterday while I was on the 4 train coming from Brooklyn to the Bronx,” Bernard wrote.

He continued, “I seen this honorable father fixing his daughters hair and being a great example of what a REAL MAN should do for his kids before he left the train I said “God bless you my brother “I just want to Say ” SALUTE TO ALL THE REAL FATHERS OUT THERE.”

The video of the hairstyling dad has since gone viral. Several commenters have praised the man for going the extra mile to learn to do his daughter’s hair because it’s usually a task done by the mother or another woman in the family.