Now this is a confusing headline: “Steve Bannon Delivers Keynote Address at Black Entrepreneurs’ Conference.”

But that’ exactly what the title of the story, courtesy of Black Enterprise, read. If you’re like me, you’re hella confused at how and why the former White House strategist was even in attendance …let alone presenting a keynote speech.

On Tuesday, in good Bannon fashion, the investment banker and executive chairman of Breitbart News spoke before an audience of Black entrepreneurs and did not hold back on blaming undocumented immigration for the stagnation in the American economy.


“Illegal immigration and trade deals are two sides of the same coin. It suppresses the wages of workers,” he said at the Minority Entrepreneurs Conference.

Before being axed, Bannon worked on President Trump’s campaign leading up to his election and was soon appointed to the position of chief strategist. He was reportedly invited to be the event’s keynote speaker, which was organized by conservative SuperPAC, Black Americans for a Better Future.

The SuperPAC aims to empower Black entrepreneurs. During his speech, Bannon addressed the issue of empowering minority entrepreneurs by granted them access to capital and eliminating unfair competition.

He also touted Trump’s push to bring manufacturing jobs back to America.

“Economic nationalism does not care about your color, your race, your ethnicity,” Bannon said. “It doesn’t care about your religion, it doesn’t care about your gender, it doesn’t care about your sexual preference.” He went on to lament the “destruction of the black and Hispanic working class,” claiming that those groups are being victimized by a “globalist” economic agenda.

GOP strategist and Black Americans Founder, Raynard Jackson, said Bannon received a positive response from attendees.

“He speaks in a language that we understand,” Jackson told Black Enterprise. “He, himself, is a small business owner, so he understands the government regulations necessary to set up a business. He also understands public policy. He understands the frustration of an entrepreneur who may be trying to do business with a federal agency.”

Immigrants have strengthen our economy despite Bannon’s criticism, but Raynard told the publication that he shares his anti-immigrant sentiment.

Okay …