Barbie is one of the best-dressed dolls on the planet—just peep her Instagram account @BarbieStyle which boasts 3 million followers. Through the years, Barbie has upped her fashion game by wearing iconic outfits from Black fashion designers. Here are six that have redefined Barbie's look into images that celebrate Black beauty and style.

Zerina Akers (2023)

Image: Instagram/@BarbieStyle.

Barbie partnered with fashion stylist and Emmy Award-winning costume designer Zerina Akers to curate looks for Black History Month this past February. Dressed in sweatsuit sets and leather jackets, this Barbie collection captured the essence of chic streetwear.

Harlem's Fashion Row Ft. Hanifa, RichFresh and Kimberly Goldson (2022)

Harlem’s Fashion Row partnered with @Barbiestyle during Black History Month in 2022 to highlight the aesthetics of three Black designer brands: Hanifa, RichFresh and Kimberly Goldson. HRW founder and CEO Brandice Daniel stated that the designers gave Barbie, “fresh-off-the-runway appeal with their unique style aesthetics.”

Stephen Burrows (2012)

Stephen Burrows Pazette Doll. Image: Mattel, Inc.

In 2012 renowned designer Stephen Burrows created the Pazette Barbie doll. Barbie is transformed into a full fashion diva dressed in his multi-patterned jumpsuit featuring rhinestones and sequins, complemented with a white feather headpiece.

Rachel Roy (2010)

Barbie Basics-Rachel-Roy-1
Barbie Basics Rachel Roy. Image: Mattel, Inc.

Rachel Roy was one of the CFDA designers in the 2010 Barbie Basics collection, which featured Barbie wearing an LBD that could be customized. Roy played with color and presented pieces that pay homage to her personal style.

Byron Lars (1997)

Famed designer Bryon Lars launched his first Barbie design in 1995. His enticing mix of color, cut and embellishment is seen across the 16 Barbie dolls he created for Mattel through 2011, making it one of the first African American doll collections for the brand.

Kitty Black Perkins (1980)

African American Barbie
Black Barbie. Image: Mattel.

A fashion designer who had created more than 100 looks for Barbie, Kitty Black Perkins created the first African American doll for Mattel to be labeled with the Barbie moniker. Known as "Black Barbie," she wore the now famous red sparkly bodysuit and removable skirt that was at the height of fashion in the late seventies.