The amount of diversity in the beauty industry has been skyrocketing lately and it is a wonderful thing to see. Most recently, beauty brand Pantene has launched its Gold Series collection created exclusively for Black hair.

According to a press release from the company, Pantene’s Gold Series is the brand’s first hair care collection co-created with a team of African American PhD’s, scientists, stylists and dermatologists, specifically designed to deliver Pro-V nutrient blends to provide superior strength and moisture for women with relaxed, natural and transitioning hair.

In conjunction with the line’s release, Pantene also launched the next chapter of its “Strong is Beautiful” story with a powerful All Hair is Beautiful campaign.

The ad, which made its debut during the season premiere of Empire Tuesday night, is the epitome of #BlackGirlMagic. The spot features Pantene Brand Ambassador Jillian Hervey, part of the Lion Babe duo, alongside Black American women of all ages with various representations of hair textures and styles. During the commercial, the women bask in their natural glory while showcasing styles through the artistic creation of Pantene celebrity stylist, Chuck Amos.

Jillian Hervey Courtesy of Proctor and Gamble
Jillian Hervey Courtesy of Proctor and Gamble

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Pantene also picked its first ever model with dreadlocks, Demi Grace. The the South London native was approached by a Pantene casting agent at Club Monaco during Black Friday last year.

“It was very hectic, but she came in and she just said, ‘Your hair is beautiful. You know, if you don’t mind, I’d love for you to come in for casting.’ She was very gracious and she really wanted to celebrate my hair whether it was just her telling me that my hair was beautiful, or whether it was her putting me in the commercial,” Grace told EBONY. “I really felt a genuine appreciation for my hair from her at the time.”

Demi Grace Courtesy of Proctor and Gamble
Demi Grace Courtesy of Proctor and Gamble

Not only is Grace the first model Pantene has picks with locs, she’s also the brand’s first Nigerian model. “I made the first Nigerian woman on a Pantene campaign, the first woman of color with dreadlocks. I mean, so many firsts. It feels incredible,” she said.

As Grace reflected on the historic moment she realized that 50 years from now someone will be mentioning her name.

“It just means that it’s okay to be yourself and still shine.  It’s okay to wear your hair in any kind of style, especially as an African American woman. We are told a lot how to do our hair because there is so much that we can do with our hair,” Grace told “We’re very controlled when it comes to how we wear our hair and doing this campaign just means that I can be free, and I can wear my hair how I want, how I feel at any time, any season and it’ll still be okay.”

Teryn Payne is Editorial Assistant to EBONY’s Editor-in-Chief. She’s obsessed with style, nail polish and all things olive. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @Teryn_Denice.