The news was lit up this week with controversy, thrills politics and plain old problems across the nation and across the diaspora. This week’s images captured the shocking, the sad and the confusing, but not the dull.

Kendrick Lamar brought the fire this week with his new release “Humble” hitting social media, putting hip-hop rivals like Big Sean and Drake on notice that he’s not to be toyed with at the mic.

Meanwhile, in a typically strange episode at the daily White House press briefings, veteran White House correspondent April Ryan got into a heated exchange with Trump administration spokesman Sean Spicer, which culminated in him telling her to “stop shaking your head.” It sent shockwaves as people jumped to her defense. She later said she was shaking her head in disbelief at him.

Finally, police are still trying to figure out who opened fire at the Cameo nightclub in Cincinnati early Sunday, leaving one man dead and more than a dozen others injured. The club had seen violent incidents before and after an investigation found violations of local ordinances, the club was shut down. Police arrested Cornell Beckley, 27, and Deondre Davis, 29 were charged with murder. Davis, who was also struck in the shooting, is hospitalized in critical condition.