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I was 24 and attending a Live Nation Election Day party. I remember taking a step to the back of the room, looking up at the screen at Obama and his Black family and just crying. I was thinking, what is this going to mean for us? It’s like the line in that Tupac song, ‘And although it seems heaven sent, we ain’t ready to see a Black President.’ But, here I was at 24 and living through this symbolism of what felt like a historical moment.

At the inauguration party a few weeks later, we were feeling both excited and cautious. What does it mean now to have a Black president? Will White people think that racism is over? Will there no longer be a focus on issues pertaining to Black people because the feeling is we don’t need it anymore since one of the highest positions in the world is now given to a Black man?

Getting President Obama elected for me was much more about how do we in our movement continue to push for an agenda that includes #BlackLivesMatter. I thought, ok great maybe after eight years of having President Bush and him completely disregarding the American people, maybe we will finally have a President that will listen to us and our demands.”

–As told to Wendy L. Wilson