If you still weren’t certain that Black Lives Matter is having an impact on the American consciousness, perhaps this latest data from search giant Google will serve to show you right.  The movement, an urgent, emotional and consistent effort to end excessive police brutality against Blacks– is one of the most sought after terms online, according to Google’s latest “A Year in Search” released on Wednesday.  If you click on that page, you will also be heartened to find that among those 189 million hits seeking clarity on this contemporary civil rights fight, folks were looking for information on Sandra Bland and Freddie Gray.  Though the quest for justice for both of those individuals is ongoing, it’s reassuring to see that the interest in their cases remains high.

Our celebrities also attracted a lot of attention, including Lamar Odom, Floyd Mayweather, James Earl Jones, Taraji P Henson, and many marked the continuing decline of national esteem for Bill Cosby.

Among those who passed away this year, there was clear interest in sports icon, Stuart Scott and gone-far-too-soon Bobbi Kristina Brown.

The film, “Straight Outta Compton,” also trended atop the section for films and general searches, no doubt thanks to the powerful, pulsating  (albeit controversial) music and stellar performances in the biopic we’ve covered right here on this site.

Visit Google’s “Year in Search” page for more details and data.