Black Lives Matter wants you to know that #BlackMothersMatter!

The social justice and advocacy movement’s New York branch is inviting residents to participate in its social media campaign commemorating Black moms.

The campaign seeks to honor Black mothers through positive messaging and images.

“In U.S. mainstream media, depictions of Black Motherhood have been repeatedly depreciated and devalued,” a press release announcing the campaign states. “We have seen time and time again the voices of Black Mothers being drowned out by mainstream media and [the] political system. Their cries for justice go unheard while their children’s lives are taken by systems that have historically been established to dehumanize members of our Black communities.”

The group is asking participants to post pics of Black mothers who have touched their lives using the #BlackMothersMatter and #BLMNYMothersDay2017 hashtags on Saturday, May, 13, 2017.

“The world needs to see positive, powerful expressions of Black motherhood,” the statement continues. “We hope to create an ongoing campaign that will magnify the love we have for Black mothers.”

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