Even before we learned that a particular branch of elite Navy SEALs ("Team 6") were responsible for capturing Osama Bin Laden, the Navy SEALs have always been on top of most people's lists of "People we DEFINITELY DO NOT want on our tails." Their name is synonymous for excellence, discipline, fitness, fearlessless, and efficiency, so it should be no surprise that the upcoming "Act of Valor" — a movie starring active-duty Navy SEALs and based on true events — is filled to the brim with heart-pounding action and suspense.

What may be a surprise to some, though, is the fact that there are many Black Navy SEALs, and "Act of Valor" prominently features two of them. But, while this knowledge may surprise people, it shouldn't. As movies such as "Red Tails" have proved, Black Americans have fought in every war America has been involved in since its inception. And, even in times of peace, we've played an integral role in serving and protecting our country.  

"Act of Valor" will hit theaters this Friday. Is this a film we need to support?