There’s a new Black-owned disposable training pants brand on the block. Having just launched in February, Happy Hues was created to provide inclusive and eco-friendly products for babies and toddlers. Founded by Eunique Jones Gibson, she was inspired to offer Big-Ups after realizing the characters that appeared on her daughter’s training pants did not look like or represent her 3-year-old or other children like her. 

“I realized that most designs and characters used for training pants were white or legacy fictional characters,” says Gibson. “It made me want to create something for children to normalize seeing themselves and others who don’t look like them in an effort to train them beyond the potty. The lack of representation within the industry for babies and toddlers inspired me to bring my quest for positive representation to this category.” 

As a parent, the Happy Hues creator knows firsthand how important it is to affirm and teach children that they matter and are seen. The brand offers products that recognize, represent and celebrate children of all hues with the goal of helping to create and maintain a sense of joy and community while building empathy and an appreciation for others.

"At the core of my work lies the desire to build for the next generation. To help them create a world that is far more inclusive, equitable, accepting and joyful than the one we are currently working to fix. Instilling a sense of belonging, comfort, confidence and pride in children at such an age can aid in building important relationships with themselves and others as well as developing solid values. If there’s a space that should be diverse and inclusive, it’s the baby aisle."

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Hapy Hues
Big-us Unisex Training Pants

Price: $20

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Backed by some of today’s leading Black entrepreneurs, from Dr. Lakeysha Hallmon of The Village Market to Pinky Cole of Slutty Vegan, and more, the inclusive disposable training pants company is set to be the necessary voice in an industry devoid of representation. 

The inaugural Big-Ups collection includes two designs: Super Me, which depicts toddlers of various skin tones in capes ready to embrace the world, and I Am, which features a series of positive affirmations. The gender-neutral training pants are plant-derived, infused with shea butter, extremely soft, and made with a manufacturing process that uses the highest standards. 

As an added bonus, the QR code on each package of Bip-Ups gives families access to an animated series in which the crew navigates their potty training challenges as a team. The series reinforces the importance of community, affirmations and joy beyond the potty.

Gibson and her team have also pledged to donate 5% of net proceeds to nonprofits targeting underserved youth— while currently contributing to the organization Ferst Readers, which tackles issues related to childhood literacy by providing families in need with quality books.

“Ferst Readers, like Happy Hues, is focused on laying the foundations of success for children between the ages of 0-5,” Gibson explains. “The program ensures that kids receive a free book monthly up to the age of 5. That’s 60 books! Similar to potty training, teaching your child how to read can also be a challenging time for both parents and their children, but learning how to do so unlocks a world of potential. Not to mention, reading a book is a great activity to partake in while potty training.” 

Happy Hues hopes to continue to find ways to intersect representation and inclusivity into the baby and childcare industry. The brand currently has a line of shea butter-infused wipes in the works, and also has plans to expand its offering of disposable undergarments beyond training pants to provide products for a younger demographic.