Interior Stylist, Antoinette Arrington believes that the right scent and aesthetic can transform any living space into a soothing oasis. When designing spaces for clients, she operates on the belief that a home should serve as a personal retreat from the world, providing peace and relaxation. 

The Los Angeles-based creative has turned to soft color palette, comforting textures and scents to relax her for as long as she can remember. Growing up as an only child, Arrington’s safe space was her bedroom. Instead of using her weekly allowance on new clothes, Arrington invested in new bedding, which she would wrap herself with while cozily reading before bed.

Haume Candle $102, Image: courtesy of Kaye McCoy.

This lifelong passion for curating calming spaces inspired her to launch Haume, a line of minimalist candle fragrances, in 2021. Each candle is handmade in small batches to guarantee quality and care, without synthetic fragrances, paraffin, or palm oil. The brand’s proprietary (food grade and skin safe!) plant-based wax blend, paired with an unbleached cotton braided wick, ensures a clean, environmentally-friendly burn. Additionally, the fragrance is formulated to be subtle enough to not overwhelm the senses and provide the right ambiance and aroma for optimal rest and slow living. 

Upon its debut, Haume's first scent 'Nightcap' sold out quickly due to its sensual scent filled with sultry notes of amber, citrus and musk. Now that the popular candle is restocked, Arrington is looking to expand the line with even more scents this year. She describes her brand as “a love letter to slow living space...and the rich subtleties that transform our inner healing into external sanctuaries around the home. It reaches beyond home goods to challenge ideas of value and worth within a given space—whether the space is in your mind or soul.”