Not many potato chip brands can say they were built upon a family legacy. However, for Symphony Chips, creating and running the business has been a family affair from the start. 

The company originally began as Symphony Spices in 2010 after CEO and co-founder Dondre’ Anderson tasted a 28-herb and spice blend created by his father. While working as a chef on the Las Vegas strip, Andre' Anderson developed the seasoning, garnering the attention of patrons and fellow chefs alike. 

“When I tried it, I was blown away,” says Dondre’. “I loved it so much, I convinced my dad that we needed to package and sell the seasoning ASAP! Once the spices were featured in a grocery store, we quickly learned that no one buys spices they cannot taste, no matter how pretty the packaging. So we began doing in-store demonstrations.”

At first, the Andersons allowed consumers to sample the seasoning on raw vegetables and popcorn. However, it wasn't until they offered it on homemade potato chips that people began to notice its unique flavor. Everyone wanted to know where they could get a bag of the chips.

The family began working on a new brand, and in 2017, Symphony Chips was born. The gourmet potato chips come in three varieties: Original, Smoked and Balsamic. Each offers a harmonious blend of flavors in every bite.

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“We specialize in creating flavors that no one else on the market has,” Dondre’ says. “An all-natural, vegan-friendly, non-GMO, non MSG and gluten-free snack that raises your expectations when it comes to potato chip flavors.” 

For Dondre’, it has always been important for the brand to be a family-owned and operated business. In addition to him and his father, his daughters are also integral to the brand’s functioning. While Andre’ continues to handcraft every flavor, His daughter Amina helps with the marketing and business development while Amari helps with supply chain management and the family's non-profit, Symphony Crumbs.

“I wanted to honor my father and give myself and children opportunities that we would not otherwise get. Also, breaking generational dysfunction is important because I do not want to continue the unfortunate traditions I was raised with," explains Dondre'. "Having a business that has the potential to not only create a legacy but sustain it gives us as a family something bigger than us to continuously bring us together and make each one of us better. It also affords us the opportunity to create an attractive culture that others will be drawn to so that what we built will survive all of us who started it.”

Through their Symphony Crumbs non-profit organization, the Andersons aim to empower communities in need by providing scholarships and training to non-violent offenders that want to equip themselves for manufacturing vocations. 

“We named it Symphony because we believe in harmonious communities just as much as we believe in harmonious flavors,” says Dondre’. “Lastly, we wanted to pay homage to the inventor of the potato chip, George Crum, because if it wasn’t for his invention, this would not be possible.”

Currently, Symphony Chips can be purchased throughout the United States in Hyatt and Marriott hotels, as well at

“We also offer our proprietary spice blends for sale, and we are currently in talks with a few different nations that are interested in bringing our chips to their country," adds Dondre'. "We're also working on our next flavors of potato chips.”