The best thing since Netflix and chill may be a new trend that gained traction since the start of the pandemic. At the height of state-imposed lockdowns, “Wine and Zoom” became a popular way for friends to connect for a virtual happy hour. Now a Black woman-owned business is making sure the friendly activity is here to stay. 

Alexandra Schrecengost was working in corporate America when she decided to leave her job to launch start-ups, Virtual With Us and Culture With Us. The main function of both is to help foster camaraderie and unity, both professionally and personally, in a virtual world. Professional clients include Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, Salesforce, and more, all of which have called on the burgeoning entrepreneur to to bring their employee's activities that will help form bonds while working remotely. 

Through team-building—and a little vino—Schrecengost assists these companies in addressing some of the challenges presented by the hybrid office all in a way that's centered on diversity and inclusion. Through Culture With Us, the mom of two is on a mission to make inclusion the new normal. As someone who spent years in the wine and spirits industry, she knows firsthand that the market is predominantly white and male and hopes to change that. Culture With Us allows the wine entrepreneur and producer of Altrosero wine the ability to highlight wines from producers who do not look like the average industry player. It’s an opportunity Schrecengost sees as a true privilege.  

“My favorite part of celebrating #BHM this year is promoting the Black-owned artisanal wine and spirits brands we work with, getting them in the hands of our corporate partners, and providing a specially curated space to truly enjoy these remarkable bottles and treats together,” the former head of communications at Wilson Daniel reflected on at the start of the commemorative month. “It has been such an honor to celebrate diversity and actually move the needle in a meaningful way.”

According to a stat sheet shared with EBONY, last year in the United States Virtual with Us and Culture With Us went through 1,585 cases of wine, 725 cases of spirits and 430 cases of beer, all while bringing people together. The brands consumed are a part of a global fulfillment infrastructure that Schrecengost built supporting small retailers and distributors in the six living continents highlighting many brands across BIOPIC multigenerational for corporations with distributed workforces.