Angela Bassett isn’t simply a powerhouse of entertainment, but of the world. When she walks into a room, I’m pretty sure she commands everyone attention big or small.

Having a career that spans more than 20 years, Bassett is no stranger to taking on various film roles to make a director’s character come to life.

And today will be no different.

Black Panther hits theaters everywhere on Feb. 16, and in an exclusive interview with EBONY, the veteran superstar detailed her excitement to be part of the film, as well as the character, Ramonda, in the film.

EBONY: What was it like being part of Black Panther?

Angela Bassett: “It was an incredible experience in filming it. Awesome fierce young director, Ryan Coogler, really had a vision for this movie. The energy, the fierceness, the images of it. I, like everybody else am really looking forward to it.”

EBONY: Can you elaborate on your role and what it was like to play Ramonda?

“Well, I finally got an opportunity to portray the QUEEN (laughs). Ramonda is the queen and mother of Wakanda.  It’s this African nation that’s incredibly advanced, maybe a century past other cultures and countries and places. So I’m the panther’s mother and the movie opens after a civil war where the king was involved in this explosion. Now, Black Panther has arrived at this moment, (Chadwick’s character T’Challa). Now, King T’Challa has arrived at this moment of becoming leader of this nation and Black Panther.

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