A Change.org petition is urging the creators of the highly-anticipated film Black Panther to invest a quarter of its proceeds into Black communities.

“As black communities across the United States continue to grapple with issues such as gentrification, police brutality, and substandard living conditions we cannot continue to recklessly support these conglomerates, allowing them to profit off of us without demanding something more than just their products in return,” the petition’s creator Chaz Gormley wrote.

“You have the ability to not only be entertained, but to leave the theater in February knowing that a portion of your money will be coming back into your community,” the page read. “To not only go see a film about a fictitious country in Africa with advanced technology, but the opportunity to invest in programs which focus on the fields – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – that make such advancements possible, in real life.”

Given the movie is projected to bring in enormous profits, is this too demanding a request of Marvel and Disney?