Lancaster authorities are praising a stuntman from Marvel’s Black Panther after he donated $700 to a family who lost their rent money during a robbery, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Antonio Lewis Todd known as Tony Todd, 54, is being regarded as a “real hero” by local authorities because he donated money to the victims of a Memorial Day brawl and robbery at a local gas station.  A video outside of a 7-Eleven shows a dispute between individuals outside of the business. The argument escalated into a physical altercation in which several members of a family are assaulted, and a woman’s wallet with the rent money is stolen. The family of victims makes a meek living selling fruit from their truck.

After seeing the news reports, Todd was “moved by the family’s story” that he decided to give them the money that had been taken. He told KTLA, “It just really touched me to think that the young lady was selling fruit for a living and she was feeding a family of five. I just told myself I needed to do something about it. “The actor decided to travel to Lancaster from Santa Monica to deliver the funds directly to the family.

“While Mr. Todd and other actors may portray heroic characters on screen, it is people like him who show us every day that there are real heroes among us,” the Lancaster Sheriff’s Station wrote in a statement. “Thank you, Mr. Todd, for being a role model for our community.”

He appears as a stuntman for the Border Tribe in the Black Panther film.