There’s no won’t in White.

Hours after the dreadfully long-awaited Black Panther premiere, a number of trolls began an attempt to detract from our gloriously Black moment.

BuzzFeed reports a number of social media users pretended “black youths” and “black thugs” were assaulting White people during screenings of the Marvel film which premiered Thursday night. The race-baiting creeps used images of women who’ve been domestically abused and assaulted to trick people into believing Blacks are as ridiculously violent as say, White supremacists.

One troll used a photo of the ex-wife of former White House staffer Rob Porter after he allegedly assaulted her. A number of the accounts have been suspended but the rest have been able to continue spreading the tomfoolery.

Another used photos of a woman who was brutally assaulted by her boyfriend for six hours in 2016.

Fake news

This lifeless person used a video of a K-Pop group.

Twitter users soon began warning others about the ill-intended posts.

Silly White nationalists, racial violence is your thing. Stop trying to ruin our moment.