Black Panther’s Michael B. Jordan has a strict workout and his body is a true testament of his hard work.

In his latest film, Jordan plays the villainous Erk Killmonger, and he had to get in great shape for the role. But that was nothing new. In 2015, the actor also had to be in tip top shape for the boxing film, Creed. He was tasked with playing the son of boxer Apollo Creed, Adonis Johnson and Jordan is opening up about the difference in training for these two roles.

“With Creed, I had to transform into a believable boxer, so my workouts and diet were super strict, he tells Cinemablend. “For Killmonger, I just wanted to look like a weapon. More muscle, less cut. So I just put on a ton of muscle for that. Killmonger also is really skilled in martial arts and weapon training, so I did a lot of that, as well. I’m back to training for Creed 2, so back to strict diets and fight training.”

As Jordan explained to Digital Trends, each role requires a different approach to fitness. Think boxer versus big villain.

Now that Black Panther has wrapped, the star is back to training for Creed 2.