50 Cent Says He Would Do a G-Unit Reunion

For a while now, the once tight-knit G-Unit has been slowly falling a part like an old weave hanging from a lonely, desperate thread. While it’s not completely clear why the historically angry group members have turned their aggression on one another, there’ve been talks of money matters severing their ties, as well as dependency and ego issues on both Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks’s part. (But I’m sure 50 Cent’s undiagnosed adult anti-social behavior syndrome is a major cause of the problem.)

Despite their petty boy-band breakup, Fif revealed that he would do a reunion with his long-lost “little brothers” during an interview with Power 99’s Cosmic Kev. (Young Buck not included. Game: forget about it!) He said that he would be down as long as they were willing to put in the work. But of course, it wouldn’t be Curtis Jackson if he didn’t throw in a few jabs and call Yayo and Banks “half-retarded.” (That’s just Mr. Cent’s weird way of saying he still has a soft spot for his estranged bros.)

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Jay Electronica Promises Debut Album Will Drop in 2014

The Myspace days when we were first introduced to the brilliance that is Jay Electronica’s music are long gone. His Act I: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge) was enshrined as a new hip-hop classic upon release all those centuries ago, and he has since impregnated a queen (Erykah Badu), been crowned a lyrical king, and formed a sturdy alliance with a certain Roc Nation-helming rap royale—but still, no album. We’ve been hoodwinked time and again, led to believe that we would finally get our fix, only to be left with the shakes like needy crackheads behind a dirty dumpster.

But this time around, Elec himself vowed to deliver that work sometime this year. Just like a drug dealer making a secret drop, he quietly announced the release of his album in the comments section on Kanye West’s KanyeToThe forum and on his own YouTube channel. In his coded, weight-dealing terminology, he promised: “It’s coming this year and I’m about to heat the game up and charge the particles so high…”

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Game Starts Campaign to Boycott Clippers Game

By now, you’ve all probably heard about the twisted audio recording that has leaked of the LA Clippers’ owner, Donald Sterling, arguing with his half-Black girlfriend about hanging out with “minorities” and bringing them to his games. Celebrities have been exploding with commentary ever since the recording hit the net, but rapper Game decided to take things a step further and do more than just talk.

In true angry, straight outta Compton fashion, Jayceon Taylor announced via Instagram that he’d started the #EmptySeatCampaign to boycott upcoming Clippers games in honor of us po’ Black folk who Massa Sterling obviously does not want dirtying up his stands anyway. The hashtag is blowing up on Twitter, so it looks like ol’ Donald just might get his wish, plus lose a few millions in the process. Good job, Game!

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