Ashanti Drops 10 Stacks at NYC Strip Club

Ashanti is not as innocent as she looks… or maybe she just likes to see a few tip drills shake a tailfeather and get so hot in herre that they take off all their clothes. (Okay, bad Nelly joke.) Still, celebrating the release of her number one Braveheart album, the former Inc. singer hit up Club Perfections in NYC with DJ Envy last night and made it hurricane rain on a skripper or two. (It’s always the low-key ones.) Both Ashanti and Envy posted a flick to their Instagram pages picturing them together with Shany Got Bandz holding a few stacks of that big-boy dough just before the action. (I think someone hung around those St. Lunatics a liiittle too long.)

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Pastor Mase Accused of Leading a Double Life

Mr. Harlem World—Mase, that is—is still rhyming and preaching, but his congregation doesn’t seem to think he’s doing a good job at rapping the word of God. The folks at his El Lyon International Church accuse Pastor Mason Betha of making music about the very things he stands on the pulpit and condemns, while spending his time with “hardcore” MCs/thugs in heathenish studios. But ol’ rev really let Lucifer jump in him when he “secretly” filed for divorce from his wife, Twyla Betha (although he later withdrew the divorce petition) and didn’t even address the issue in the house of the Lord.

The icing on the cake was when he hoped on a track by Remo the Hitmaker called “Tricky Situation,” about a man cheating with an engaged woman. Now some congregants are about to stop shelling out that cash for this devil and his blasphemous operation. Welp, it looks like Reverend Murder Mase better clean up his act before he gets the boot and it’s back to those shiny suits.

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Wyclef Broke,” Says His Accountant

Someone please call 911… tell them Wyclef Jean just went broke and “there ain’t no money” or no hope—at least that’s what his business manager/accountant, David Levin, is claiming. The former Refugee is facing a six-figure lawsuit from Shukat Arrow Hafer Weber & Herbsman for missing scheduled payments that were set to reduce his debt with the popular entertainment industry law firm. But if they’re looking for that Grammy-winning writer-producer/rapper bread, it looks like they better stand in line with the rest of the creditors waiting to collect, ’cause it’s not happening anytime soon. (This is, of course, according to Mr. Levin.)

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