Petition Launched to Stop Aaliyah Biopic

Disney star Zendaya Coleman was recently confirmed as the lucky actress who’d have the honor of personifying the late Aaliyah in an upcoming Lifetime biopic. Well, Aaliyah fans are mad as hell about the choice of cast. Many believe that Zendaya doesn’t have the credibility or the look to play the part, and many more are upset at the fact that Baby Girl’s family did not give their approval for the movie. Fans are so angry that they started a petition in hopes of halting the flick before it films. (And y’all thought the BeyHive was fierce.)

Although her feelings are probably a little crushed right now, 17-year-old Coleman gracefully responded to the criticisms on Twitter, saying she just wants to honor the late singer and show the world all she’d accomplished in her 22 years of life. Aww, how noble… now where’s Ciara?

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T.I. and Azealia Banks Bicker Over Tiny

Just a week ago, Azealia Banks was apologizing to the long-list of unsuspectfuls she’d offended on Twitter in the past. Welp, all of that quickly went out the window when the young lethal-tongued rapper reignited her old beef with T.I. on Monday. You may recall the two shared a little back-and-forth in 2012 after Azealia called out Tip’s female artist Iggy Azeala for making the 2012 XXL Freshmen Class cut. This time around, Yung Rapunzel came for his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, in response to his and Iggy’s new “Mediocre” track.

“U want no mediocre but…Have you seen your wife?” she tweeted. Banks later deleted the post, only to come back the next day with more insults, calling Tiny a “busted bumpkin” who can’t read (and that’s not even the half). Of course, being the superhero husband who uppercuts world renowned professional boxers for his wife, T.I. responded with a post on Instagram that depicted Banks as a deviled gremlin, calling her a hatefully threaded list of nasty epithets (including a “thot-bot”—whatever that is) and threatened to “end” her if she spoke ill of his family again.

The young Harlem rapstress came back with shots at his manhood, claiming the hardcore-rapper-turned-mushy-reality star loves to “vogue to Atlantis” and then hit him with this: “Guess who’s about to get sued for threatening me! N—-s love jail.” With that said, Tip, you might as well give it on up…

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Diddy and Cassie Expecting a Baby?

The Combs family already has a lineup big enough to start a basketball squad, but is Diddy getting ready to add another little millionaire baby to his team? (And millionaire baby momma?) Earlier this week, Puff’s long-time singer beau Cassie Ventura posted a suspiciously plump-faced, fat-bellied, full-breasted picture to her Instagram that made spectators question what’s cooking in that tiny oven of hers. Feeling exposed, Cassie removed the flick and replaced it with another shot wearing the same bathing suit top from the first post, but matched with a smaller tummy. She probably could’ve gotten that off, had the size of her baby-feeders not been drastically smaller in the second pic, or if the roundness of her belly weren’t so obvious in the first photo. (You can swap pictures all you want Cassie, but you can’t hide that Little Puff Daddy forever!) Officially on #bumpwatch!

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