Breaking News: Beyoncé Is Vegan!

Beyoncé sure knows how to get our attention. After teasing “something I have to share with everyone” in a dramatic Good Morning America clip, Beyhive members and casual fans alike tuned in to the morning show early today to hear the big news. Was it another surprise album? Blue Ivy getting a sibling? Maybe you were hoping to find out why Solange went ham in that elevator. Nope, nope, and naaah. Instead, Bey revealed that she’s given up on ham altogether. And beef. And chicken. That’s right, Beyoncé is vegan.

“I’m not naturally the thinnest woman,” she said on GMA. “I have curves. I have struggled since a young age with diets. Finding something that actually works and keeps the weight off has been difficult for me.” Beyoncé has teamed up with exercise physiologist Marco Borges to promote his new book, The 22-Day Revolution (for which she has written the foreword) and his vegan meal delivery service. Prepare your spell-check for the inevitable new word: Bey-gan.

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Jay Z Bringing Made in America to New York City

Jay Z’s Made in America ain’t going-going back-back to Cali-Cali this summer. After touching Los Angeles in 2014, the eclectic two-day music festival is pairing its annual Philadelphia concert with a free show on New York City’s Liberty Island. Word is, Mary J. Blige will headline the NYC concert while there are plans for another concert at an as-yet-unannounced national park, according to Billboard. “This is not at all a stepping back,” Budweiser VP of marketing Brian Perkins told Billboard. “This is a reevaluation of the model of going from one location to two to three.”

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Kid Cudi and Angie Martinez Clash on Twitter

Kid Cudi isn’t above holding grudges. The rapper was in his feelings over the weekend and tweeted about a 2009 interview with Angie Martinez and DJ Enuff in which he claimed the two jockeys were trying to “play” him, calling them “f*ckin clueless.” New York radio’s lady legend fired back: “Soooo, u got an entourage cameo and u feelin yourself??! lol u were in my house… and i was tryna show u love. clown.” After little back-and-forth, the two agreed to disagree, or something like that. Says Cudi: “All new artists, let this inspire you. Always stay true to you.  Let these other f*cks catch up later.” Angie’s final words: “Never argue with crazy people.” That’s all. Nothing else to see here.

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