Big Boi’s Wife Ready to Sign Those Papers

Aww man, where is the love?! Big Boi’s wife of 10 years, Sherlita M. Patton, took it to the courts and filed for divorce on Wednesday. She deemed her marriage “irretrievably broken,” and is asking for the house, the cars, the kids and the dog—everythang! (Yeah, I’m exaggerating, but just a tad.) Sherlita, Sherlita… you stuck with your man through all the pimp suits, jheri curls, perms, and man cave strip poles. Now you wanna leave him when he finally came back to Earth and ditched his stint on planet Idlewild? Oh, the irony!

Read it at The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Jermaine Dupri Mariah Carey’s New Manager

Don’t know if you guys remember Mariah Carey giving American Idoler Randy Jackson the boot earlier this year, but she basically dumped poor Randall after he’d been managing her for over two decades. Now it all makes sense… M. C. has been dipping and tipping behind R. J.’s back with Jermaine Dupri! The So So Def founder announced his role as trader, trader’s new manager during a stop at the A3C Hip-Hop Festival in the ATL a couple days ago. So let me put all the pieces together for you, Randy: while they were in the studio making hits, Jermaine was plotting on how he could take yo chick!

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Jim Jones Busted for DUI

Here we have another case of a rapper driving under the influence of that sticky icky. Jim Jones was pulled over in the Bronx on Wednesday morning for highway speeding, and when cops neared his Chevy Impala, they say Jimmy was higher than Snoop Lion in Jamaica. He failed a few sobriety tests and refused to take a breathalyzer, so pretty boy Jones was booked for driving under the influence of Miss Mary Jane. Clearly, he wasn’t lying when he said he flies high, no lie, you know this—BALLLLL-IIIINNNG!!!

Read it at TMZ.