Raz-B Coma Story Fake

Washed up celebs will do anything for a little attention. Reports have been swarming the web that former B2K member Raz-B was seriously effed up during a brawl in a Chinese nightclub, slipping into a coma and clinging onto life support and everything. Well, it turns out that it was all a sham. Raz’s manager released a statement to CNN announcing that the coma reports didn’t come from his official reps. But it turns out that his brother, known as Ricky Romance, had been spreading the false reports not knowing the info was a hoax (or so he says). Another carter of the thirst-wreaking rumors was a woman named Toy Jones who claims she was hired by B’s family to deliver the news to media outlets. Ain’t this about a… playing with a person’s life all for a chunk of publicity? Well at least dude is getting what he really wants: more play for his stunts than he’s ever gotten as a member of B2K.

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Former Destiny’s Child Member LaTavia Roberson Scores Reality Show

Y’all remember LaTavia Roberson? You know, the cutie from Destiny’s Child who only lasted a hot second before being booted from the group with LeToya Luckett? Well she’ll be dishing all the deets on her new reality show! Yup, we’ll be getting the inside scoop on what really happened during her DC days and her life after fame. On top of all this, the future reality star is preggo with a baby due on the same date as Beyoncé’s B-day! (I know she’s saying no, no, no, no, no!, but inside we’re screaming yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!) This should be good! But be careful girl… you know those Beyoncé fans will chop you down and tear you to pieces for fading their master.  

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Brandy Performs at an Empty Concert

Damn, I thought after her and Chris Brown put it down, people we were going to fall in love with Brandy all over again. Apparently not, ’cause B-R to the A-N to the D-Y showed up to an empty stadium during a performance in Johannesburg, South Africa. A fan present during the shameful show said no one knew Ms. Norwood was performing after the big soccer game scheduled for Nelson Mandela Sport and Culture Day, so only about 40 people attended the concert. Big B was so upset that she ran off stage after two songs and her left three dozen fans looking even more dumb. Bad move. Now she has 40 less fans to fill in all those empty stadium seats at the next show. Keep it up Brandy, and you’ll be performing stunts right along with Raz-B in Chinatown.

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