Common and Jay Electronica Announce Nobody’s Smiling Tour

Common and Jay Electronica are hitting the road, jack. In a string of 13 dates, the two super-lyrical MCs are going on tour in support of Common’s latest album, Nobody’s Smiling. The duo is building on the momentum of their remix to Com’s “Kingdom” (also featuring Vince Staples), which the MCs performed at the BET Hip-Hop Awards as a moment to pay homage to Mike Brown and his parents, who also took the stage. The U.S. tour kicks off in Las Vegas on November 21, and touches New York, Atlanta, Philly, and opener Electronica’s native N’awlins—but somehow misses the entire Midwest, including Common’s hometown, Chicago.

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Snoop Dogg vs. Iggy Azalea Keeps Going and Going and Going

Rap “beef” ain’t what it used to be. Clever quips over an instrumental have been replaced by witty memes and Twitter talk. Still, Iggy Azalea is learning that while the battlegrounds have changed, the barbs are no less vicious. The Aussie artist got all in her feelings after Snoop Dogg posted an unflattering meme and titled it “Iggy Azalea No Make Up.” She called him out on Twitter on Monday (October 13), suggesting that the “mean” post was inconsistent with his in-person demeanor, which she says is that of a fan.

The Doggfather, apparently, ain’t here for backtalk. Yesterday, he added fuel to the increasingly ridiculous feud by dropping a series of Instagram posts insisting that he was only joking, all the while dropping B-bombs, telling her to “cool out” before he goes in on her “pink punk ass.” And he delivered one last zinger: side-by-side photos of I-G-G-Y next to Marlon Wayans’s drag character from White Chicks.

By the time Iggy replied with her own (now deleted) TwitPic that pictured Snoop with the caption “when your drug addict aunt gets clean,” this tiff felt like that old Erykah Badu record: On and on… Since, Azalea has continued with a rant calling Snoop “butt hurt” and comparing him to Mean Girls’s Regina George; her baller boyfriend Nick Young has jumped in, insisting that the OG rapper is going through a midlife crisis; and we officially want to run onto the freeway just to make this all stop.

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Bobby Shmurda Says He’s Not Getting Paid for Shows

Transitioning from the block to Billboard can be tricky; this is no secret. Brooklyn rap rookie Bobby Shmurda seems to be going through his own growing pains. After dropping a contender for rap song of the year, “Hot N-gga,” the drug dealer turned dancing rhymer posted (and predictably deleted) on Instagram to vent that he hasn’t been getting paid for his live performances. “I ain’t got nobody to trust,” Shmurda wrote in the caption. “I’m ready to go back to da trap.” Yesterday must’ve been a day of conflicting feelings for Shmurda, whose closing performance at the BET Hip-Hop Awards aired last night. His five-song EP, Shmurda She Wrote, drops November 10.

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