Ex-A&R Gary Harris Blasts D’Angelo

Last week, D’Angelo sat down for a candid interview with author-filmmaker Nelson George at the Brooklyn Museum sponsored by the Red Bull Music Academy. But maybe the chat-session wasn’t as honest as we’d all presumed—at least that’s what former A&R Gary Harris says.

The former EMI Records A&R guy who signed D’Angelo way back blogged about D not giving him credit for making him the star he is today. (Harris even claims that he was the one responsible for helping D’Albumless go to rehab and put down the bottle.)

Harris even went in on Nelson George for not mentioning how D was really discovered during his Brooklyn Museum interview, when Gary claims the music historian has long known all the details. Not sure of all the particulars in this here situation, but homeboy was mad enough to expose secrets and take jabs, so something shady must’ve gone down.

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T.I. Addresses Black Eye Rumor from Vegas Brawl

In case you haven’t heard, T.I. got into a rumble with Floyd Mayweather in Vegas this weekend, over what Tip thought was some shady business between Floyd and his wife, Tiny. Well, after video of the chair-hurling battle royale hit the ’net, rumors flared that the MC suffered two black eyes as a result. To shut all the hoopla down, T.I. took to his Instagram to show the world that he might be a little touched in the head for that stunt, and he did jack up his hand, but nope: no black and blue for the tipster.

Read it and watch it at Complex.

Tina Turner Recovering from a Stroke?

Word in the Hollywood Hills is that Tina Turner recently suffered from a stroke. According to Radar Online, various German and Dutch publications are reporting this shocking news, and say that the Queen of Rock ’n’ Roll is in the process of recovering. This isn’t the first time stroke rumors have plagued the 74-year-old expatriate (now living in Switzerland with music producer hubby Erwin Bach), so it’s unclear whether or not these reports are true. But if they are, let’s all wish that Ms. Turner gets well soon.

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